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Autodesk Navisworks Manage software is a comprehensive project review solution for analysis, simulation, and communication of design intent and constructability.

The creation of 5D models enables the various participants (from architects, designers, contractors to owners) of a construction project to visualize the progress of construction activities and its related costs over time.

Interference management and clash detection tools help design and construction professionals anticipate and avoid potential problems before the construction thus minimizing expensive delays and rework.


Navisworks’ clash detection - Detecting collisions during design, and ultimately avoid costly remedies after drawing completion and during construction

Modification - Material changes can be made instantaneously and views can be set up quickly to show different material possibilities.

Converting - Converts large REVIT 3D model files into smaller 3D models that are far more manageable for a multitude of team members.

Taking-off - Users can automatically make material estimates, measure areas and count building components. Navisworks supports 2D drawings and 3D models to perform quantification.

4D simulation - The user can link geometry to times and dates and to simulate the construction or demolition of the model over time. Also links with project scheduling software (Such as Microsoft Project or Primavera products) to import task data.

Animator - A feature that allows the users to animate the model and interact with it.

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